17 September 2014

Marketing Designs for Author Nickolas Butler Library Event

Library website banner advertisement

19x28 inch poster
The Alachua County Library District arranged to host a talk by author Nickolas Butler. He provided two good quality images for using on his publicity collaterals—a cover of his book and a portrait—which I used to arrange with essential library branding and event information. 

Because the formats of most of the marketing collaterals were nearly proportionate, I was able to conveniently repurpose the initial 8.5x11 inch sign design for use on a larger poster as well as smaller handbills and a newspaper print advertisement.

Projects included the following designs
(and deliverables):

Website page banner (1)
19x28 inch poster (3)
 8.5x11 inch sign (42)
Quarter-page handbill (300)
3.25x4 inch newspaper print advertisement (1)

8.5x11 inch sign
Quarter-page handbills
3.25x4 inch newspaper print advertisement

11 September 2014

Promoting the Public Library to Newly Relocated University Students

Broadcast television public service announcement advert
4x2 inch coupon book advertisement
Universities have their own libraries for students and faculty. But while they provide well for academic purposes, university libraries might not offer much in the way of what your typical community public library might.

This disparity in product and service offerings gives the community library an opportunity to promote itself without having to compete directly with the local university. Such was the case with our library and the resulting  advertising campaign I worked on for the Alachua Public Library District in Gainesville, Florida.

4x2 inch newspaper online advertisement
The campaign sought to inform students of available products that their local university library did not offer. It consisted of print, online and broadcast television advertising, as well as display signage at a university orientation event held for new students.

Design elements leveraged the library's colour palette and font family established in the corporate identity standards and used on other integrated marketing materials. A royalty free image of age-appropriate people dressed in colours that complimented the corporate colour palette also helped to associate them with the library and its product offering.

Advertising collaterals included:
4x2 inch newspaper print advertisement

> Broadcast television public service announcement colour RGB advertisement 
> 4x2 inch coupon book colour CMYK print advertisement
> 4x2 inch colour RGB newspaper 
online advertisement
> 4x2 inch black/white newspaper 
print advertisement
> 72x24 inch event presentation table banner

72x24 inch laminated paper event banner

02 September 2014

Promoting Library Event for Author Annette Simon

8.5x11 inch sign and other collaterals utilized the author's unique illustrations

Quarter-page handbills
Author Annette Simon will speak at the Alachua County Library District in Gainesville, Florida on Tuesday 23, 2014. 

Simon's illustrations of robots that she created using the computer software application Quark XPress—which was actually created for multi-page layout design and publishing purposes—provides for simplistic, bold and colourful images that are perfect for attracting age-appropriate audiences to the children's books she writes. They also make for great visuals to help promote her speaker event at the library. I liked the simple and clean looking promotional marketing advertising that resulted from using her illustrations.

Public Service Announcement Ad
To help promote her visit, the following marketing collaterals were designed
(and printed for distribution):

8.5x11 Sign (12)
Quarter-page Handbill (100) 
Library Website Banner Ad (1)
4.938x4 inch Black/White Newspaper Print Ad (1)
Half-page Colour Publication Print Ad (1) 
Broadcast Television Public Service Announcement (1)

Newspaper print advertisement

Full-colour print advertisement

Library website banner ad.