01 October 2015

THINK... Autumn 2015 Library Newsletter Design

Television Public Service Announcement
promotes the arrival of the library newsletter.

A blog icon is used
on library website
as a hot link to find
the download page.
The library's free Autumn newsletter issue of THINK... arrived in October. The issue covers quarterly news and over 800 scheduled events from October through December. A printed edition of 2,750 copies is delivered not only to all twelve library branch locations but also to select non-library businesses to extend its reach further into the community. Online copies are also available on the library's website at, http://aclib.us/news. This issue's visual theme uses both public domain and local library event photography to depict patrons reaching out to make connections at the library by discovering and participation in any of the many library events and services.

Development for the newsletter begins by having library staff enter their upcoming quarterly events into the library's electronic calendar system (called Evanced--presumably for "Electronic Advanced") during a 30 day period before it is collected prior to beginning the editorial production process which in turn begins an additional 30 days prior to delivery of the printed publication. Evanced entries are the same listings seen by the public on the library's website calendar of events. They include event name, time and date, branch location, age group specifications, and descriptive information about the event. 

Once the comprehensive, district-wide Evanced listing gathered, an issue theme is developed based around a common association of events and feature article writing assignments are issued to appropriate staff for creation of written content. During the same time that content creation is taking place, the comprehensive event listing is also electronically copied and flowed into the newsletter layout for styling and fitting. Design development is also simultaneously underway to source for photography and illustrated images. Once story content is submitted by writers and edited, it is flowed into the articles pages for styling and fitting. A full-page design proof is submitted to all content editors to review and make comments on, then final revisions are made before sending to the printer. Printing takes an additional 5-10 days before receipt of the final product back to the design department for separating and onward shipping to the twelve district libraries and local businesses.

Newsletter cover appears on library website news page 
as a hot link to download a digital version of the 
print document.