18 May 2016

Refreshing an Old Library Bookmark with a New Make-Over

BEFORE: The existing bookmark (front/back sides shown above) provided information but lacked inspiration.

Project Brief: Update an existing branded library bookmark. The existing bookmark, which used a single colour and was then printed on flimsy paper stock for cost-savings purposes, was both lackluster in appearance and weak on promoting what the library should want to present to the public as a vibrant library experience.

Solution: If the library was willing to pay for only two more inks and use the same paper stock they printed other library event bookmarks on, this bookmark could embrace the library's visual identity standards more fully while simultaneously standing out more prominently among other counter materials. The biggest draw-back to the proposed design was that insufficient room was left to include the library logo, however, all the language included should sufficiently cover for that short-coming.

The redesigned bookmark would present well as a nice companion piece to the library's recently redesigned welcome brochure, its presentation pocket folder, recruitment display posters, and its branded event flyer and handbill templates shown in earlier posts on the Library Marketing Design blog.

AFTER: The eye-catching redesign integrated with the library's visual identity system more fully and vibrantly.

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