17 May 2012

Library Recruitment Print and Video Campaign

The first of our library recruitment campaign television spots aired this month. The 30-second spots appear locally on MNBC, VH1, OWN, Oxygen, Animal Planet, LIFE, and BET. Each spot features staff members from our very own libraries who offer a brief testimonial about what it is about the library that makes it special for them.

I was asked to develop a marketing campaign concept that would raise awareness of the library's employment opportunities. I provided two and after approval moved forward to bring the concept to fruition. Six months and 273 other unrelated promotional marketing print projects later, the first of our three planned recruitment campaign tv spots reached the small screen.

The concept--which was intended to impart the idea that the library is an institution reflective of the unique individuals who work in it, thus allowing the viewer to be able to imagine themselves working there--eventually homogenized down into something less focused on individual attributes they brought to the library to one more toward corporate talking points. Nevertheless, the spots were a good starting point for a library that is mindful about making the most out of the thin dollars it has to spend on publicity. The recruitment ads serve as an effort to raise awareness to a diverse pool of potential employees, and thus fulfills that corporate, government, and civic endeavour.

Although I haven't personally seen the spots on television yet, I have probably seen each over 50 times while in production, nit-picking over every minute detail even as it made its way out the door to the cable station. It might be surprising to the casual viewer to know just how much time and energy is invested in such a small, brief item. It took a small village of people--starting with the on-screen talent, all the way through the crew of people behind the scenes, from campaign conception, management approval, technical production services, through final implementation. 

The recruitment campaign will not only appear on screen, but will also appear in print, extending its impact and life span onward through untold years to come. A sample of one of the ads appears below.
The design convention that features employees with their testimonials on
what they love about the library.

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