22 February 2013

Thinking "Out of the Box" for Library Event Marketing

Promotional signs and handbills were created in the
appearance of a model parts kit for easy recognition
and a direct visual link to the event theme.
One of our librarians organized a library event for patrons interested in building model vehicles. It would include quest speakers from a local organization who would give a presentation about model building and would even offer free model kits to hand out to participants. I was asked if I could create signs and handbills to help promote the event with, so I inquired about what information and visuals were available. Did the organization have a logo, possibly some photos of themselves, models they'd built, or any other potential images? The only visual available was their organizational logo, so with that and the most essential event information, I turned to ways I could present the information in an eye-catching manner. 

After a little research looking at visuals for model building, I decided to present the event text information as pieces of a model still attached to its kit frame the way most models appear when taken out of their respective boxes. Having a little room left over in various areas, I filled those spots in with a few recognizable vehicle elements to help make the presentation more recognizable. 

Because model kits are unpainted upon delivery, the kit needed to be only one colour.  The presenter's logo was a primarily black .jpg image, so I made the entire frame and model pieces black to match. Simple white rules were placed along the arms of the frame to give the illusion of "highlights" that would help give some dimension to the otherwise flat black colour scheme image. The librarian then used bright yellow colour paper to print the images on for eye-catching, high contrast signs and handouts.

Total items delivered:
1 master 8.5x11 inch sign to print out a total of 20 signs
1 master 8.5x11 inch page showing four handbills to print out a total of 200 handbills

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  1. I like the black and white aspect. But against a bright yellow would be neat to see also. I also really like the way you designed it to look like a model with all the pieces attached to the frame. Fun idea.