05 May 2014

Integrated Marketing Designs for Kids, Teens, & Adult Library Summer Reading Programs 2014

News of the summer reading programs was showcased on the cover of the quarterly newsletter, THINK....

The Summer Reading Program is the Collaborative Summer Library Program’s (www.cslpreads.org) annual effort to encourage people of all ages to read. They break the effort down into different age groups that have their own themed application. For example, this year’s Summer Reading for kids was: “Fizz, Boom, Read!” For teens, it was “Spark a Reaction.” And for adults, it was “Literary Elements.” 

To help publicize this, the organization provides a CD-ROM of custom-made art and a few pre-formatted marketing items for each age group, such as a bookmark, an 8.5x11 inch sign, and a PowerPoint background image. Space is left on each designed collateral item for local libraries to add their own language. Unfortunately, it might not be enough space for the needs of each library. 

Our library happens to be one of those that needs more space. We prefer to advertise and promote the Summer Reading program across multiple channels of publicity, such as for print, broadcast and online applications. The wide variety of unique collaterals we use—30 at the time of this writing—each have their own dimensional requirements, which means that few, if any of the pre-formatted layouts provided by the CSLP will match the full range of formats we need. Because of this, I end up creating everything we need from scratch, incorporating artwork I select from what was provided, and supplementing with my own additional images if needed to unsure a consistent style is used for each age set. 

Typically, our library youth department manager will coordinate the gathering and dissemination of planned event information to the marketing department for creation of materials requested. Our adult services department will use one of its own staff members to coordinate adult summer reading publicity separately. I’ll work with both of these internal clients as well as our marketing / public relations director to round out development of the full compliment of marketing design collaterals requested throughout the summer.

Because there are so many separate pieces I've created to support the entire Summer Reading program, instead of discussing the process for each. Instead, I'll just provide some sample images with a brief description.

Three 100x100px library website blog icons depict the essential theme identities for children (left), teens (middle) and adults (right).

Three library website banners 
show an expanded view 
of the essential theme identities.

Three online advertisements 
list children and teen events 
for June, for July, and for 

Bookmark fronts / backs 
for children and teens.

Two television broadcast PSAs.
Top one for children / teen 
combination, and bottom one
for adults.

The top portion of 
MS Publisher templates for
children and teen half-page
flyers (top), full page signs
(middle), and quarter-page
handbills (bottom).

Children's quarter-page 

Top left: online publication banner advert.
Top right: magazine print advert.
Bottom: publication print advert.

Exterior (top) and interior (bottom) 
views of a 14x8.5 children's 
tri-fold brochure. Used to log books
read, as well as to act as a 
game board to guide readers
through the summer.

The game board was also printed 
as 55.5x36 inch large format posters
for each of the 12 district libraries to
use with youth readers as they
charted their reading progress 
during the summer.

A version of the game board
I presented as an alternative
to a single linear game, this
version allowed users to read
at-will, and check off the 
"molecules" represented as
they progressed. Surprisingly,
it confused some of the 
librarians, so we went with the 
more structured, linear design.

An 14x8.5 inch tri-fold brochure
for the adult reading program.
Images used within the theme
display lettering and background
were images I sourced for to 
supplement the provided 
iconography with. Book covers
provided by the librarian.

Single-colour image 
(white ink) would imprint
onto a purple tote bag 
for adult summer readers.


Kids 3.625x4.875 inch Giggle Magazine Print Advert (1)
Kids/Teens 3.625x4.875 inch Giggle Magazine Advert (1)
Kids/Teens North Florida School Days Print Advert (1)
Kids/Teens Black College Monthly Newspaper Print Advert (1)
Kids Bookmark (5000) Vendor Printed
Teens Bookmark (1000) Vendor Printed
Adult 45x45 inch Publicity Board Poster (1)
Kids 8.5x11 inch Template (1) 
Teens 8.5x11 inch Template (1) 
Kids Half Page Template (1) 
Teens Half Page Template (1) 
Kids Quarter Page Template (1) 
Teens Quarter Page Template (1) 
Kids/Teens Half Page Handbill (240)
Kids Fun4GatorKids 150x300 px Online Advert (1)
Kids Fun4GatorKids 8x11 inch Online Advert Jun-Aug (1)
Kids Fun4GatorKids 8x11 inch Online Advert June Only (1)
Kids Fun4GatorKids 8x11 inch Online Advert July Only (1)
Kids 3ft Vert. x Prop Width Large Format Game Posters (18)
Kids 14x8.5 inch Tri-fold Game Brochure (4000) Vendor Printed
Adults 14x8.5 inch Tri-fold Brochure (700) Vendor Printed
Kids/Teens Broadcast Television PSA (1)
Adult Broadcast Television PSA (1)
Kids Website Blog Icon (1)
Teens Website Blog Icon (1)
Adults Website Blog Icon (1)
Kids Website Banner (1)
Teens Website Banner (1)
Adults Website Banner (1)
Adult Mini Tote Logo (1)
THINK... Quarterly Newsletter cover and interior pages (2750)


  1. Thank you so much for maintaining this blog. It's great to see such a fresh and modern approach to library graphic design.

  2. Thank you for your kind comment, Donna. It is greatly appreciated!