23 February 2016

Integrated Marketing Designs Promote Library's 25th Anniversary Celebration

Broadcast TV public service announcement (PSA) advertisement promoted the upcoming celebration event.

In 1991 the Alachua County Library District's Headquarters Library branch celebrated its move across the street into a new building. Twenty five years later, it would celebrate again its history of service to the community at the same location. I was asked to provide integrated design solutions and printing for a range of marketing collaterals that would be used to promote the celebration.

Headquarters Library's fifty-foot high cupola ceiling.

The library district is comprised of 12 branch libraries of which Headquarters Library is one. The 25th anniversary is unique to this building alone, and as such, rather than focusing on any similarities of mission and services provided between it and other branches, I wanted to capitalize on aspects unique to this library, namely the building's architecture. The building is the library district's largest. It features an octagonal front lobby with walls that soar upward to form the walls of a grand fourth floor meeting room above the lobby that is in turn crowned by a fifty-foot cupola and ringed by 32 stained glass windows. Both the octagonal meeting room and other areas of the main fourth floor feature high, sloping, pine wood covered ceilings and enormously large, suspended wooden beams that span the spaces. I had used an image of this library's wood beams for a grand re-opening celebration back in 2012 
( see http://librarymarketingdesign.blogspot.com/2012/11/library-grand-re-opening-invitation.html ), so I didn't want design solutions for this event to feature the same elements. Instead, I wanted to revisit with fresh eyes and a new view of an image previously used on the cover of the 1991 Grand Opening booklet: one of the cupola meeting room stain glass windows.

The 1991 Grand Opening event provided guests with a 34-page commemorative booklet that featured a timeline of the entire library district's history. It also included historical photos of related library buildings and activities, interior and exterior photos of the new Headquarters Library building, as well as artist renderings of the building's elevation and site plans. The booklet cover featured a large image of one of the 32 stain glass windows created by artist Narcissus Quagliata, one of many similar windows that encircled the crown of the library building's fifty-foot high octagonal cupola. 

Proposed gate fold design for commemorative booklet.

Final printed booklet spreads.
Internal library clients for the 25th Anniversary event also wanted a commemorative booklet, so I based the styling and 7x8.5 inch proportions of my booklet design solution as a complimentary follow-up to the 1991 version. Working in advance of knowing how much content might be generated for this new booklet, I generated a unique design that I intended to be more memorable than an ordinary saddle-stitched publication. My design featured a long cover gate fold that would open outward and then contain any number of additional page spreads saddle-stitched into the interior of the gate fold. Unfortunately, as it turned out, the amount of content generated was so scant that only one single page spread would have been stapled into the gate fold, rendering the design essentially meaningless. So I re-paginated the pages to become what I was hoping to avoid in the first place: a typical, 12-page saddle stitched document. Less uniquely memorable, and more of a committee wish list box to check off.

Nevertheless, I made the most out of it that I could, utilizing a few existing photographs of the building spaces—none of which were inspiring enough to carry the booklet presentation on their own. For that, I would have to rely on taking more photos specific to the building interior elements I wanted to feature. I asked if I could use a hydraulic lift to be elevated up into the cupola space high enough to take photographs of the stained glass windows. Fortunately, our library had such a lift that the facilities department used to change electric bulbs in the few large dome lights that hang from the high wooden ceilings. With a range of 40-feet, I could rise high enough to take eye level photos of the lowest stained glass windows and be just below the upper tier of windows. Later, after downloading the images to my computer, I corrected camera lens and foreshortened window perspectives distortions by using features within Adobe Photoshop. The resulting stained glass window shots would be used for decorative purposes within the booklet and become the primary elements used on most of 68 uniquely designed advertising and promotional items requested for the event (not including 540 photographs taken and a 300 page layout of the time capsule contents).

Logo, print and PSA adverts, invitation and program.
After the logo was created and the booklet design was underway, I designed print and digital advertisements as well as the event invitation once that information was assimilated and confirmed. Advertising appeared in the local newspaper, online, and as a broadcast televised public service announcement. The invitation appeared as an email e-blast image and was also printed as a single fold card. A program card was also printed front and back on card stock utilizing the two primary stained glass window images.

Display materials ran the gamut, ranging from a small 5x3 inch artifact display case card template to 21x28 inch posters and all the way up to include 165x24 inch large format banners. The only items not printed in-house by me in the design office was the commemorative booklet and street-side yard signs. All materials utilized the stain glass window motif selected from a variety of the windows I photographed in the cupola.

Posters, print ad, timeline and yard sign, and certificate.
165x24 and 60x10 inch banners.

116x68 and 75x24 inch posters.
One of the large format prints was a 116x68 inch enlargement of one of the stained glass windows. This would be used by a librarians as a background to pin a "then and now" timeline onto it to feature photos taken over the 25 year span that the current library building had been in service. Another set of 75x24 inch posters reproduced three different stained glass windows at or near full scale for viewers to appreciate. I thought this would have a nice impact on viewers since the normal viewing distance of 30 to 40 feet away made all the windows appear to be very small when in fact, their 5.5x2 and 2x5.5 inch scale was actually quite large. This way, viewers could appreciate some of the finer details in the stained glass windows that were easily overlooked from such a distance and under varying lighting conditions.

A range of 2x28 inch posters were requested to highlight a variety of things: a general lobby poster for the event, a series of library environment upgrades, a series of statements by the people involved in the planning and construction of the building, a series of staff and board members during the 25 years, and a series used for public tours of the library staff offices.

Photos of the event can be viewed online at both the library's website or at its Flickr.com account

Promotional collaterals designed to promote this event include (+ quantities):
25th Anniversary logo (1)
Variety of 21x28 inch posters.
Commemorative gift pen logo imprint (1)
Email e-blast invitation image
Library website banner ad (1)
Library website blog icon (1)

TV broadcast public service announcement (PSA) (1)
Take photos of interior and exterior building features
Take 540 photos of over 300 time capsule artifacts for website publicity and 300 page archival preservation document use
5x3 inch time capsule artifact label template (2)
5.5x8.5 inch program card (200)
7x8.5 inch (when closed) 12-page commemorative booklet (250)
8x8 inch cake decoration Image (1) 
8.5x11 inch tour sign to highlight Peep Box facts (1)
8.5x11 inch tour sign to highlight Snuggle Up Center facts (1)
8.5x11 inch tour sign to highlight Story Woods Room facts (1)
10.5x4 inch open; 5.25x4 inch closed invitation card (300)10x10 inch time capsule artifact table sign (4) 
10x10.5 inch newspaper advert (1)
11x8.5 inch certificates of merit (3 unique) 
11x8.5 inch PowerPoint presentation backgrounds (13 unique)
11x17 inch timeline sign (1)
21x28 inch poster for lobby (1) 
21x28 inch poster for photography head shot frame / red (1)
21x28 inch poster for photography head shot frame / yellow (1) 
21x28 inch poster highlighting library directors and 25-year veteran staff (1)
21x28 inch poster highlighting list of past / present board of trustee members (1)
21x28 inch poster highlighting list of past / present governing board members (1)
21x28 inch poster highlighting library environments (1)
21x28 inch tour highlight posters.
21x28 inch poster highlighting library events / things (1)
21x28 inch poster highlighting stained glass windows (1)
21x28 inch poster highlighting stained glass window artist's statement (1)
21x28 inch poster highlighting library director's statement (1)
21x28 inch poster highlighting architect's statement (1)
21x28 inch poster highlighting builder's statement (1) 
21x28 inch poster highlighting Administration (1)
21x28 inch poster
highlighting Adult Services (1)
21x28 inch poster
highlighting Automated Services (1)
21x28 inch poster
highlighting Bookmobile Services (1)
21x28 inch poster
highlighting Circulation Services (1)
21x28 inch poster
highlighting eBranch Services (1)
21x28 inch poster
highlighting Facilities Services (1)
21x28 inch poster
highlighting Literacy & Volunteer Services (1)
21x28 inch poster
highlighting Marketing Services (1)
21x28 inch poster highlighting Most Popular Checkouts (1)
21x28 inch poster highlighting Outreach Services (1)
21x28 inch poster
highlighting Technical Services (1)
21x28 inch poster highlighting Youth Services (1)
24x18 inch yard sign (2)
45x45 inch large format poster (1) 
60x10 inch Youth Services congratulations banner (2)
75x24 inch full scale stained glass window reproduction (3 unique)
116x68 inch large format alcove poster (1)
165x24 inch large format banner blue (1)
165x24 inch large format banner red (2)