13 December 2010

Not to Confuse Our Movies...

Today I received a staff-wide email from one of our ACLD librarians that indicated our library was mentioned in USA Today for offering programs that welcome the homeless to "community living rooms."

The trend of seeing what may be an increasing percentage of the homeless population in our library is, I suppose, not uncommon among libraries these days. In our particular downtown library branch, the indigent wait for our doors to open early in the morning and stay until other facilities open later in the day--facilities like "soup kitchens" and overnight shelters. 

I have come to easily recognize the faces of some patrons I see on a regular basis, and think of them just as much a part of our interior environment as the furniture. These "regulars" are woven right into the fabric of our daily environment, and to some extent become, more or less, part of our extended workplace family--same as a guy who might come into a diner in the morning to order his "usual" meal or coffee.

On 10 Dec. 2010 I reported on one of our branch library offerings: "Saturday Matinee." This movie watching event is offered to students who bring in a report card with grades of "C" or higher--an event not to be confused with our headquarters branch Monday Movie event which is offered the general public (even for those same students if they chose to come) for which the USA Today article referred to.

The Matinee Mondays design work shown above displays what we refer to as a "webslide." These are up to eight individual web ads displayed in a looping slide show format on the library district home page website. The image used was found while sourcing public domain photography websites.

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