13 December 2010

An Earlier HelpNow! Sign & Handbill

A couple months prior to creating the requested development of a the HelpNow! bulletin board display (see 9 Dec. 2010 post), one of our branch libraries requested development of a 8.5x11in. sign and quarter page handbill (four bulletins printed on one 8.5x11in. page, trimmed out for patrons to pick up and take with them). 

The initial image I had in mind was to have an adult helping a student with their homework, so I went sourcing for pictures along those lines. Nothing I found within the public domain was really spot on, so I used a non-public domain photo as a visual resource to make a drawing from and added it to the design as seen above. After sending the concept proof to the branch, I received a nice email from the requesting librarian who said it was "exactly what I wanted!"

Yay for me. Spot on.

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