27 January 2012

Dinosaur & Fossil Books at the Library Brochure

Exterior side of the booklist brochure.
The Alachua County Library District has teamed up with the Florida Museum of Natural History to promote the museum's exhibit Crusin' the Fossil Freeway. The library will be making available materials from its collection and wanted a brochure to distribute to the public. The resulting Dinosaur and Fossil Books booklist tri-fold brochure was created to highlight some of the reading materials on both dinosaurs and fossils.

On a first design concept I presented, I used images of dinosaurs, but the librarian then asked for images relating more to fossils, so I re-sourced online for dinosaur bones and fossils and located a few  offered for public domain use. I reworked the images to take out the backgrounds so they would stand alone as silhouettes, allowing text to wrap around the images.

I also sourced online for free fonts that looked like bones and found a few to try out. For the cover headline, I used a bones font for the word "Fossil." For the word "Dinosaur" I set a horror type face to outline, then imported the texture of a dinosaur skin into it. Inside the brochure, I colour-coded the book names to differentiate between the fossils (brown fonts) and the dinosaurs (green fonts). The result provided a simple and clean design that was visually appealing and easy to read for people of all ages.

500 copies were printed out-of-house on a basic 70lb white paper stock and distributed among the libraries within the district.
Interior side of booklist brochure.


  1. Could you tell me please which website you used for the free fonts that looked like bones and the horror type face? Like the idea of fossils as brown and dinosaurs green. Great idea. Really nice looking brochure.

  2. Thanks for the kudos, Bookworm. There are a great variety of websites that offer free fonts for downloading. I scanned four or five of them, searching by categories and/or keywords such as "bone", "Scary", "horror" etc., to help narrow the search.

    Below are a few of the websites I source for fonts. You can find additional sites by searching via Google.com, keywording "free fonts".


  3. Thanks much for the info. I had checked "free fonts" before I asked you. Was just interested in which ones you had used. Thanks again.