19 October 2012

Marketing Designs for Author Lauren Groff Library Event

A 45x45 inch large format poster in a main traffic way of the library announces the author event. 

Author Lauren Groff visited the Alachua County Library District in October. I have to thank her for providing high resolution images that allowed for good reproduction, most notably for use on a large format poster scale.

Fabrication of the 45x45 inch large format poster required splicing
two separate prints together using double sided tape. The incomplete
second poster portion above the completed one shows the line where I
cut one of the posters to lay over the other in order to hide the cut.
Groff provided a high resolution black and white image of herself, as well as a nicely designed cover image of her book, Arcadia. To compliment the two, I sourced for a nice image that I was able to use a detail portion of to use as a background.

I began my design exercise with development of a 45x45 inch large format display poster. For the promotional marketing event materials, I used the three photo images and typography that mimicked the fonts used on her book. As a finishing touch, introduced a small cartouche under her name to add a small, delicate detail to play off the curly flourish that sprouted from the apex of the capital "A" on her book title.

The completed 45x45 inch display poster.
Once the poster design was approved, I could continue with the remaining collaterals. I scaled the poster down to become quarter page handbills, and used a a strong horizontal section of her book cover with stylized text for an online web banner. 

On the 8.5x11 inch page I was using for printing the handbills, I had a little excess unused space, so instead of wasting the paper I took the opportunity to create a complementary bookmark, taking the right side section of the poster/handbill design for use as the bookmark. 

Lastly, the poster/handbill design was used as a small 3.25 inch square black/white print advertisement. The colour conversion turned out quite nicely, avoiding any potential muddiness between the typography and the background images. 

Taken as a set, the large format poster, the handbill, the bookmark, the print ad, and the web banner all maintained a cohesive visual presentation that held together, thanks to the strong imagery and consistent typographical use. 

Trimming handbills and bookmarks out of an 8.5x11 inch page.
Total yield:
1x 45x45 inch large format poster
1x online web banner
1x black/white print ad
25x bookmarks
200x handbills


  1. Great job. I was drawn by the whole design