16 December 2015

Integrated Marketing Design Collaterals Promote Library Author Series 2016

An integrated marketing design campaign created to promote the Alachua County Library District's 2015 Author Series will return again in 2016 to build upon the strong visual branding it established previously (view the 2015 marketing collaterals here: http://librarymarketingdesign.blogspot.com/2015/01/integrated-promotional-marketing-design.html).

45x45 inch large format poster used for in-library display.
This year, I was very pleased to receive head shots of each author that included their entire head, as well as most that also included their shoulders. These kinds of shots enabled me to create silhouetted knock-outs of each author rather than have them all appear inside of boxed photos on their promotional pieces. The presentation of complimentary collaterals in a campaign usually work better when all photos are consistently treated the same from one author to another and from one promotional piece to another, so I was happy that complete heads and shoulders on all images allowed me to feature them as consistent silhouettes rather than boxed head shots with a range of different image backgrounds. Having the option based on the images I received, silhouetting authors out of their photo backgrounds opened up the presentation space on each collateral piece, allowing them to be integrated into the design more directly, which in turn made for a more fluid, pleasing design solution.

8x11 sign, quarter page handbills, and print advertisement.
This year's author series is scheduled to take place from January through May, so I will be continually working on creating and fulfilling publicity requests for each author as their scheduled events approach. Lauren Groff is scheduled to be the series first author to appear. Other authors include Victoria Christopher Murray, Cynthia Barnett, Meg Waite Clayton, Amanda Conner with Jimmy Palmiotti, and Amy Stewart. The first three scheduled authors appeared on the cover of the library's Winter 2015-2016 newsletter, THINK... and as its featured article (view at: http://librarymarketingdesign.blogspot.com/2015/12/library-newsletter-think-winter-2015-16.html).

For each of the author events, many of the same design collaterals will be used. Maintaining a consistent, integrated look among the campaign collaterals will help to build quick recognition of the event series, whether they be seen in print or in digital formats for websites, social media or television.

11x17 and 8x11 signs cross-promote library online services.
Design collaterals created for each upcoming author to promote the series includes (+ quantities):

24x18 inch speaker podium sign (1) 
3.25x5 inch newspaper ad (1)
Quarter page handbill (300)
8x11 inch sign (45)
21x28 inch poster (5)
45x45 inch poster (1)
Cross-promotion of online library database service, Newsbank 11x17 inch display sign (1)
Cross-promotion of online library database service, Flipster 8x11 inch display sign (1)
Library website banner ad (1)Library website blog icon (1)
Television public service announcement (1)

Library website banner ad (left) and blog icon (right).
Television public broadcast announcement (PSA).

03 December 2015

Library Newsletter: THINK... Winter 2015-16 Issue

The library’s free, 12-page winter edition of THINK... newsletter arrived in December. The issue covers quarterly news and over 800 scheduled events from December through February. A printed edition of 2,800 copies was delivered not only to all twelve library branch locations but also to select non-library businesses to extend its reach further into the community. Online copies are also available on the library’s website at www.aclib.us/news. 

Development of the newsletter begins with library staff entering their planned quarterly events into the library’s electronic calendar system during a 30-day period prior to beginning the editorial production process, which in turn takes an additional 30 days of production prior to delivery of the publication to the public. Printing services are outsourced to a local printer, taking five to seven days before receipt of the printed product back to the design department for separating and shipping different quantities to the 12 district libraries and local businesses.

Events published in the newsletter are the same as seen on the library’s website calendar of events. Due to limited space in the newsletter, complete descriptive information about the events are not published, however, those details remain available on the online branch calendars.

Project collaterals created in association with publication of THINK... include (+ quantities):

12-page print edition (2800)
Library website digital edition (1)
Library website blog icon (1)
Television broadcast public service announcement advertisement (1)