15 March 2011

Teen Tech Time (T3)

Teen Tech Time is a weekly program that helps provide teens with information and activities related to using the computer. Learning new things and having related activities to practice on help improve user computer skills, considered necessary in today's society.

The key points Teen Tech Time at the library addresses are to:
> Get more laptop time
> Work on special projects
> Learn about research tools
> Hang out and have fun!

Our initial  visual identity had a photo of four teens crowded together, leaning forward in a photo. It was less than spectacular and there was no reference to technology. So when I got a work request to create a handbill to promote the program, I suggested we first develop a logo that would be included on all promotional materials for it.

Teen Tech Time is referred to as "T3" for short, so I used this to develop the logo. I first sourced for photos of 3 teens using a computer, but didn't find anything I liked, so I went with straight type and sourced for a computer mother board to place onto the surface of the "T". Having this incorporated the suggestion of computer technologies into the letter form.

Radiating out of the superscript "3" were three concentric circles. I offered the program coordinator a couple choices of colours for the 3 and its rings, and the hot pink was preferred. If you like, the pink (typically associated with girls) is to impart the idea that the program isn't just for a group of tech-headed boys. The end result, is as shown. Additionally, knowing that there will most likely be need for printing in black/white, I also produced versions to be placed on both white and black backgrounds.

Teen Tech Week at our libraries are related to the American Library Association's (ALA) Teen Tech Week, but independent of them. So when the ALA promoted Teen Tech Week, our library could draw from their resources and events and fold them into our own special or recurring ones. The ALA had their own series of images associated to Teen Tech Week, and we used them in conjunction with the events they promoted. Among them were visual elements such as the "Mix & Mash" logotype treatment and robot you see on the right, which I used for web ads, then added the names of our specific events down below in a type style that complemented what had already been created. As it turns out, the T3 logo worked well with the ALA Mix & Mash Teen Tech Week visuals too.

So from top to bottom, the full compliment of the newly developed T3 logos; the T3 handbill, and the web ads used to promote events associated to Teen Tech Week.

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  1. I could use some of that teen tech myself. Or just some tech help with the computer. I like the robot theme, looks like a bumper sticker. "Hang out and have fun" is a good ad.