28 March 2011

Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon Table Signs

With almost 200 people needing to find out where they will be sitting, table tents are a good visual cue to help them navigate to their chair at one of the 25 tables that sat 10 guests each. To maintain the visual theme, I continued using the flame motif and font on the black background. Each table was assigned to a particular branch, department, organization, or combination thereof. 

View of Table Tents (foreground) and Programs (background).

Aside from simply listing the name(s) of those aforementioned entities on the table tent, I also wanted to include language to say "Reserved For", only I wanted to have fun with it and extend it into the food theme, so I added a little extra text to the "Reserved For" line.

One of the 25 Table Tents
When you read menus at restaurants, sometimes the descriptions of the meal can be very artfully crafted. Sometimes they are very straight forward and basic. Other times they border or even cross into becoming pretentious. I wanted to develop a creative and entertaining line for each table tent that could play off of that menu-reading experience--only for mine, I wanted to incorporate a spin on it to refer to the qualities of the library participants themselves. So as you will see by way of example below, I included lines such as "Steeped in wisdom and a hearty bouillabaisse, this table is reserved for High Springs" (branch library). On the flip side, I'd write a different phrase, just so they'd have another to be entertained by. For more examples of the phrases I used, see the bottom image of text choices I came up with. Hopefully, I got a couple of chuckles or at least smiles.

When the event organizer read my selection of phrases, she emailed me: "I love your table tent design concept and all your clever “peppered’ phrases!!  “Steeped in wisdom and a hearty bouillabaisse”…How did you manage that one – Wow!  I, of course, love “Marinated overnight and sprinkled with enthusiasm” too! Many thanks for adding to the fun of the planning stages for this event! Wonderful, Scot – Thank you for your enthusiasm and clever and creative ideas towards the printed materials, decorations, etc. for the volunteer luncheon!  Working with you is a treat!"

Not to be left out, the "apron/heart strings" was included on the table tent sign as well, to reinforce the full compliment of imagery involved in the event (note, I avoided saying "to tie it all together"). These tent cards were simply printed out on 8.5x11 inch card stock, folded twice, and taped together at the free ends with double-stick tape to create a little triangle, or "tent" as it is referred to.

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  1. Ha! Some of those are truly delicious! You should go into writing for some restaurant menus...altho stay away from the chains as these are too good for that mush.