10 September 2011

Bilingual Storytime at the Library

Collaterals included (clockwise from top left): a print ad, 8.5x11 inch sign, and web ad.
The Women's Latina League of Gainesville hosts an annual Latino / Hispanic heritage month festival which includes a library event called Cuentos Latinoamericanos / A Latin American Folktale Series / Bilingual Storytime at the Library. The library supports the leagues' efforts by providing space for the storytime event and for helping to promote it as well. The league hires a designer to create a visual for the festival and I request to use that image in the library's promotional collaterals in order to compliment the established visual and maintain consistency between the league's promotions and the library's. 

Once I secured the leagues' visual, I incorporated it into the design of an 8.5x11 inch sign used to promote Bilingual Storytime, a web ad, and an associated black and white print ad. One hundred signs were printed and provided to the league to distribute at public locations throughout Gainesville.

The league also displayed in the library a 20x30 inch easel supported poster to promote their film series, and utilized two glass display boxes to show a selection of Bolivian crafts.

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