06 September 2011

New Library Collection Opening Promotions

Promotional collaterals included (from top to
bottom) a web ad, quarter-page invitation, half-
page event program, and wall sign (not shown).
At the end of August, the Headquarters Library unveiled a new addition to its collection: the John A.H. Murphree Law Library collection. This collection of books was migrating over to the Headquarters Library from an independent law library that had closed in one of the nearby downtown courthouse buildings. 

To promote the opening, creation of a collection wall sign, an invitation, event program, and web page ad were all requested. I contracted the wall sign out to a local sign making company, asking them to match the specifications of other signage seen in the library, then created a simple quarter-page front/back facing invitation that was eventually sent out to 100 recipients. 

For art, I had nothing to work with directly from the collection, and with little time and confirmation on coming information, I decided to go the simple route to keep things uncomplicated and as little time consuming as possible. So I used the leather texture of a book cover as a background image, then changed the hue to a traditional "personal library study room green." To add a little interest to the otherwise flat colour, I added a spotlight effect on it, then placed gold text over it. A second layer of black text became a shadow with gaussian blur effect to diffuse the shadow. On the back side of the invitation it was even more straight-forward with the essential text set in the same background green colour and crowned with a black ACLD logo on top.

For our local television station, a Public Service
Announcement (PSA) was created that maintained the
promotional styling used for the grand opening.
The event program (front side only shown above) mimicked the invitation on front and back, this time, adding a wood framed border around the green background on the front. This frame also mimicked the actual wall sign produced by the sign fabricator. The web ad announcement picked up the same background green/spotlight treatment, then incorporated the additional elements of a judges gavel and a classical statue holding the scales of justice. All photography was located by sourcing public domain websites and then modified to suit the design used for this event.

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  1. I'll have to remember to try that spotlight effect, looks nice! k