28 February 2012

Just another typical day in design paradise.

I arrived at work by 8:50am and powered up the design office like one would power up the USS Enterprise. I then knocked back a healthy dose of caffinated coffee and turned the afterburners on for another day of break-neck speed designing. 

I quickly got a head start on the guaranteed mass of emails, calls, and visits by trimming 100 event invitations that were requested late the day before. I then reviewed the production schedule to check on the status of 16 works in progress, read ten emails, collected art attachments to reply to one email, and sent ten emails of my own  to keep projects moving along. I critiqued an advertisement sent to me and replied with my review—but not before I was interrupted in the middle of it to have a meeting to discuss the status of three display posters that were already designed, printed, and/or soon to be delivered and installed. Afterwards, I completed my email reply and turned my attention to designing two event posters, one handbill, and printed/trimmed one large format poster—each requested only an hour earlier. Out went email notices with proofs for review. 

It had been a full day. But wait! This was only the first three hours. It was time for refueling. I did this while working on another project and answering emails.

By 5pm I’d reviewed three more revisions to one advertisement sent to me, revised and sent out another ad for approval, edited and printed a blue print for the lighting plan diagram of one of the libraries, exchanged another round of various emails, made two rounds of revisions on a web banner and submitted for uploading, agreed to do an extra cirricular assignment, made plans for a meeting for tomorrow morning, revised and printed an event program for review, sent out another set of emails, sourced and worked on some images for a newsletter and related print advertisement, and updated the ever-changing status of the production schedule as I went along.

You’d think by this time I would have completely cleared my schedule. But I still had 16 more projects on my schedule to complete. For now. You can bet tomorrow will bring plenty more. This is a pretty typical day for me!


  1. Geez! Makes me tired to just read this! How come you get to work so late? Seems like your schedule should have you in the door at...what?...like maybe you need to have a cot in the corner or your own key. You're doing a great job though and I bet a ton of people know it.

  2. Thanks Bookworm. I get plenty of feedback from people aware that I have a good volume of work, although they don't know the final numbers. I work from 9am-6pm three days a week and 8am-5pm two days a week to accommodate my car-pooling requirements and have that. No matter what my schedule or how much availability one could dream up for my position, I have a feeling that the result would be to fill that time up as much as possible with more projects to do!