08 June 2011

Library Services Poster: Help Through Tough Times & Tight Budgets

A 20x30 inch poster reminder.
Nobody needs reminding that it's been a couple of tough years for many people. But one thing that some people may need a reminder about every once in a while relates to some of the services, products, and facilities the library has to offer the community to help reduce their burden and them get ahead--especially in tough times.

Many people who use the library regularly may not need this reminder, but for those of us who are more casual users, or focus our attentions on other limited areas of the library, can certainly benefit from it. 

Aside from what patrons traditionally expect from the library such as books, periodicals, and video offerings, the library also offers mobile library services to more remote areas that would otherwise create a long trip to patrons. Job hunters and people seeking other organizational and institutional aid fill our libraries every day to use our stationary stations and laptop computers--or even bring their own--to gain access to the internet. We also offer database and other electronic services, such as JobNow! and E-Government. Some branches even hold basic computer skills classes to help those who have little experience using a computer or need help using certain software programs.

The best thing about all the offerings is that they are all free...and what with the economic squeeze on our personal budgets, these all help to relieve some of the burden that many people may have.

To remind patrons, I was asked to create a 20x30 inch poster that promoted these services. I used a large background photo of the inside of our Headquarters Library and placed images for each of the services over a translucent, white background that partially covered the photo, leaving the uncovered outer edge to work as a border. Included, the library website address reminded visitors where more information about these services can be found.

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