17 June 2011

Library Website Banner Ads, June 2011

Every week I create anywhere from three to eight website banner ads for our library home page--which we refer to as "webslides" because they appear one after another in five second intervals on a rotating basis much like a revolving slide show. Some of the webslides I created this month are shown here. You can see the latest ones shown here: www.aclib.us

In the past, our public relations / marketing director would select events she would like to promote via webslide and create most herself unless it was more expedient for me to create a particular one. She already had a lot on her schedule as it was, so I made sure she knew I was willing to help create webslides too if she felt overwhelmed. "No, this is the fun stuff," she'd say. It was her creative outlet, so I didn't fuss over it. Besides, it helped me out as well.

Before she left in May, she worked up a production schedule for creation of webslides that would take us through June. Now with that time coming to an end and with no additional events selected for webslide promotion, I'll just pick up the slack and do the choosing myself until her future replacement can take back the responsibility. It won't be too much of a stretch for me; I work with the advance event schedules while producing the monthly event signs and THINK..., the 4x a year newsletter / program guide that covers all the branch events.

Typically, we can read an overview of all the events published in the Events section of our website ( www.aclib.us/events ) to get the gist of what an event is about. To get an image for the webslide, I'll often send an email to whomever is organizing that event to find out if an associated image already exists that we can use, or if I need to locate one myself--usually relying on domain free images culled from a variety of sources, if needed. Once a suitable image is decided on, all I need to do is to add the name of the event to the ad. I'll create the webslide using one or any combination of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and/or InDesignUnderneath the image on the website, a caption will provide all the event details. 

Some recurring events already have webslides created in the past that we can re-use; newer recurring events and one-off special events require new webslides to be made. Not every event gets a webslide; we have only up to eight available rotational slots in our slide viewer and we generally let those slides stay up for an entire week.

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