26 December 2011

Angry Birds LIVE at the Library

Event handbills, produced 4-up to one 8.5x11 inch page.

Before I go any further, let me clarify for the record: we don't have any living, angry birds running or flying about in our library. Over at our High Springs Library branch on the other hand, it's another story. Apparently, they've got a lot of them over there. The reason why is because there's a competition going on with those Angry Birds.

Angry Birds is some kind of video game that is a popular download onto cell phones, and that's the extent of my knowledge of it. And yet, I knew enough to ask the librarian requesting promotional materials for it if she had any visuals to go with it. I mean, I'd want to see what them angry birds looked like too...wouldn't you?

So she sent me a link to the website of the company where they make all them birds angry. It provided a variety of screen shots for the different games they developed--among them, the Angry Birds game. I pulled off a couple of my favourite images and combined them together to create the quarter-page handbill my librarian wanted 100 copies of. 

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