16 May 2011

Micanopy Library Re-Opening Sign & Invitation

The announcement sign.
The ACLD Micanopy branch library was renovated in the early months of 2011. After construction was completed and all the new furniture and shelving was installed a "Grand Re-Opening" took place. With the new decor involving a nature theme and green colour scheme palette, I created an 8.5x11 inch sign and  quarter-page postcard sized invitations that evoked a potential scene from the library's nearby Paines Prairie. I used an Adobe Illustrator icon of an egret I had on CD, as well as a sun shape, then repurposed and modified grass from an earlier work I created for a different event the year before.

In all, 200 signs and invitations each were printed/trimmed in-house, then 75 programs were printed/trimmed for use on-site at the event.
An 8.5x11 inch page printed on two sides contained four postcard-sized invitations.
When I emailed the concept to the librarian at Micanopy, she sent back her reply below (the text copied directly out of her email, styled just this way):

BEAUTIFUL DESIGN!!!  I LOVE IT!!!                          

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