31 May 2011

Library Monthly Event Signs, June 2011

June event posters featured people participating in a variety of outdoor activities.
Now that the rains of April and flowers of May have passed, we move into Summer and encourage people--especially children--to enjoy being outdoors. I developed a series of 10 monthly event calendar signs by sourcing for public domain photos and then applying the June listing of events from each of our 11 branches to one or more of the images. Each branch received its own combination of signs. Eight branches require from one to three pages of these 11x17 inch signs; two branches receive a single 8.5x11 inch scaled down version, and one branch--which has no events due to its small size--doesn't receive a sign at all.

You might think that encouraging people to get outside and away from the library would go against our best interests as a business, but that's not entirely the case. Aside from wanting to encourage well-rounded personal growth that many activities and experiences provide, the library is slowly expanding its services to take place in both the virtual as well as the real world. You don't have to physically walk into the library like you once did to enjoy some of the services the library provides. More and more, library services are being offered via computer, smart phone, and other digital devices. Online websites offer all the essential information to patrons, plus provide accessto virtual databases and downloadable e-books. Our library is even on the cusp of beginning to use QR Codes for directing patrons to information and services. Just take a snapshot of a QR Code with your smart phone and information will be displayed in hand or downloaded to your service (iPhone or Android).

With innovations like these, the library can afford to say: "Hey go on and enjoy the great outdoors. And when you do, remember that the library is closer than ever before, no matter where you go."

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