19 May 2011

TowerTab Thank You Cards

The TowerTab group needed an identity mark developed for promoting future events.
Our Tower Road branch library has an ongoing series of events for teens called TowerTab. They wanted to promote a new season of events, but when I looked for their group identity mark to place on an upcoming flyer, I discovered they didn't even have a logo to call their own. After discovering this, I called the librarian in charge of programming these events and suggested that before she promoted TowerTAB events, she might be well served by having an identity mark that could be consistently used on all promotional items and become easily recognizable to the public. 

The 34x23 inch card design (with trim notch indicated).
She ask that I develop an identity that used the word "TowerTAB" with other words--something akin to a "word cloud"--inset into the TowerTAB letterforms. I developed that idea and found that words running horizontally through narrow, vertical "windows" just didn't work so well. You couldn't see enough of any of the horizontal words for them to have any meaning, so I decided to change the idea around and reverse "TowerTAB" out of a "tab" shape of colour that had the horizontal word cloud imprinted as a shade of that same background colour. The result allowed the word cloud to be a little more readable and incorporated a nice visual of a tab to reinforce the emphasized letters "TAB" in the group name (see image at right).

The librarian liked it, so with that step out of the way we could move forward with one of the first event items of business, which was to create a thank you card that event participants could sign and present to a company that helped provide food for the event. The librarian had seen what I had done for another series of events, PrimeTime Family Reading, where I created 34x23 inch posters that I mounted on foam core board and tucked into giant, handmade envelopes. These poster-sized cards would have language on them thanking the event sponsors and leave plenty of space for event attendees to sign their names, then present it to the sponsor. She liked that idea and asked if I could do the same for the TowerTAB event. I of course said yes. After mounting it on the foam core board, I cut notches into the upper corners to follow the edge of the tab shape and further reinforce it.

The small card for mailing re-created the signed large card.
She also asked if I could make a second card, one that was more of a standard size that could be sent by mail to the corporate office. I said that we could, and suggested that instead of having people sign two separate cards and risk the possibility that some people might sign one and not the other, perhaps she let everyone sign the large card then take a photo of it for me to scale down to the smaller size. She agreed, and sent me the photo by email a few days after the event.

When I received the photo, it was fairly well taken, but the colours of the card weren't the same and the sharpness of the shot was a little out of focus. I decided to use the original artwork design and fit the photo image into the white center space of it to re-create the smaller scale card (see image above). That worked out quite nicely, and everyone was happy with the result.

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