01 July 2011

Library Monthly Event Signs, July 2011

July's event signs featured images of people combining travel with technology.
Summer is upon us. School is out, families are on vacation, people are more on-the-go than ever during this time of the year. This doesn't mean that while you're away you'll be unable to visit your library, however, because we have been developing our ability to come with you wherever you may be or go. 

Our summer issue of THINK... newsletter / program guide reported on the library's use of apps for mobile devices that can provide convenient virtual services to patrons both in and out of the physical library. A couple of the images used in that issue were repurposed and used for this month's event signs, and supplemented with two additional ones. Each image features a person using their mobile device (i.e. a smart phone) to stay in touch with the library as they traveled. To help direct the viewer's eye to the technology aspect of the image, a "doughnut-shape" was made around the smart phone, allowing that area to be shown with complete clarity, and having the bulk of the ring thickness serve as a ghosted background to help text on the sign be read more legibly from the rest of the image. I really like the fact that these signs are posted about the same time that the THINK... newsletter is distributed, as well as the QR code signs. Each element compliments and reinforces the other, making the association between travel and technology at the library all the more powerful.

Due to the differing number of events each branch has, each received its own custom event sign or multiple combination of thereof. The images above show the full complement of images, and for four different branches of our 11-library strong district. In all, 22 event signs were distributed to the branches. Most branches receive 11x17 inch tabloid sized signs as shown above; two branches with fewer events receive 8.5x11 inch signs.

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