01 June 2015

Library Newsletter, THINK... Summer 2015 Issue Covers Summer Reading Events

Cover of the Summer issue of THINK....
Alachua County Library District’s free, 12-page winter edition of THINK... newsletter arrived in June. The issue covers quarterly news and over 800 scheduled events from June through August. A printed edition of 2,750 copies is delivered not only to all twelve library branch locations but also to select non-library businesses to extend its reach further into the community. Online copies are also available on the library’s website at www.aclib.us/news .
Development of the newsletter begins with library staff entering their planned quarterly events into the library’s electronic calendar system during a 30-day period prior to beginning the editorial production process, which in turn takes an additional 30 days of production prior to delivery of the publication to the public. Printing services are outsourced to a local printer, taking five to seven days before receipt of the printed product back to the design department for separating and shipping different quantities to the 12 district libraries and local businesses. 

Library website blog icon.
Events published in the newsletter are the same as seen on the library’s website calendar of events. Due to limited space in the newsletter, complete descriptive information about the events are not published, however, those details remain available on the online branch calendars.

Marketing design collaterals created to promote THINK... include the 2,750 copy print version which is also offered for download in digital .pdf format from the library website; a library website blog icon; and a television broadcast media public service announcement (PSA) image. 

Television broadcast public service announcement.

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