10 October 2011

Author Event: Suzy Kline

Collaterals for the event included 11x17 inch signs, colour and black/white print ads,
a public service announcement (PSA) TV ad, and a website banner ad.

Children's book author Suzy Kline will be in town to talk about her experiences in an interactive presentation. During her stay she'll be presenting at both the library and separately at a number of area schools.

Publicity materials created to promote her events included both colour and black/white print ads, a public service announcement (PSA) on the local television station, a website ad, and 11x17 inch in-house signs.

The author's publicist provided the library with a photo of the author, as well as Suzy's signature doodle—a little curly-haired smiling face above her signature. Unfortunately, both of these images were small in dimension and low-resolution 72dpi .jpg files. Even upon receipt, the images were already noticeably pixelated, so when it came time to scale them up on a design piece, the pixelation only increased proportionately. I asked the program managers if they could contact the publicist to secure better images, which they did. Unfortunately, all we got back were the same images, so I asked if they could make a second effort--and they did--but no reply came back from the publicist. Too busy to do any better, I guess.

Okay, so we go with what we got: the crappy stuff, plus some images of her more recognizable book covers I found myself.


  1. You did a great job with what you had! Looks good! js

  2. Thanks much, js. Maybe Suzy should hire ME as her publicist! ;D