24 October 2011

The Library's 7th Annual Teen Art Show

Over the weekend the Library hosted the 7th Annual Teen Art Show. Each year, youths aged 10 to 19 show their artistic creations and compete in age-specific divisions and categories for a variety of awards. Participants win distinctions of gold, silver, or bronze places, Best Logo, Best Photo, Best of Show, and Crowd Favorite.

The winning logo from the previous year's art show is used as the promotional art for the current year. Promoting the event began in late August; entries were accepted until October 14. Once all the entries were gathered, I copied artist and work names into predesigned labels, printed, then trimmed to size. The circular "medals" would be wrapped by the librarian using a stick pin button press to become more elaborate medallions. Labels for the three judges would be inserted into a plastic sleeve, then hung around the neck as a lanyard. Signs of different sizes were printed on the office copier; large format posters printed on the Hewlett-Packard DesignJet 800.

Marketing materials created to promote this event have been fairly extensive relative to other events. For this event, the following items were created:

Marketing materials included a variety of medallions, judge labels,
handbills, signs, web ads, and PSAs (using the web ad image).
11x 23x34 inch posters
3x 11x17 inch signs
7x 11x14 inch signs
57x 8.5x11 inch signs
2x 8.5x11 inch "Vote" signs
264 quarter page handbills
111 artwork labels
36 adhesive participant labels
3 judge lanyard labels
11 award medal buttons
2 television public service announcements (PSAs)
1 THINK... newsletter article with art
1 web site banner
1 web blog icon
1 rules and regulations form
1 permissions waiver form
1 application form

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