03 October 2011

Library Teen Chef Competition: Who's Cuisine Will Reign Supreme?

Event promo collaterals included 8.5x11 inch signs, quarter-page handbills,adhesive contestant shirt labels, judge lanyard labels and a web site ad.

Late in September, our Tower Road library branch held a competition for teens called Teen Chef Competition. Participating teens would divide up into teams with an equal number of teammates, then each team would take turns selecting a food item from a common table. Later, a timer would be set and the teams would assemble the best looking and tasting food dishes they could using the combined items they'd selected. All this within a certain amount of time. Each team's three dishes would be presented to judges who would score the entries on plate presentation and taste. The combined scores would determine which team would win the event as Top Chefs.

To publicize this second annual event, I was asked to create a new logo for the event and then apply it to ten 8.5x11 inch signs, 100 quarter-page handbills, 24 contestant team shirt adhesive labels, 4 judge identification lanyard labels, and a web ad for the library web site.

For the contest logo, I used a selection of kitchenware clip art: a plate as a center element, over which a knife, fork and spoon of different colours would be placed, topped with stars of the same colours to suggest the idea of different teams, and then the event name. Shirt labels utilized the same text styling as the logo, but placed over the image of different coloured clocks to help differentiate teams from one another and to emphasize the timed aspect of the challenge. Shirt labels were printed on 8.5x11 inch adhesive Avery label sheets that had 2-1/2 inch pre-cut areas on them. Once peeled off, contestants wore them on their shirts. 

That, and whatever food they may have added to complete their wardrobe during the chaos (food stains not included in design).

Photos of the event can be seen here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/acld/sets/72157627734221984/

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