19 October 2011

Author Event: David Berman

Marketing collaterals include (clockwise from left): 45x45 inch large format poster,
supplementary display infographic, a television PSA, an internet web banner, and handbills.
Poet/musician David Berman will be reading from some of his works at Headquarters Library, October 20. Note that I mention this first, because if you were to read our initial program description, you wouldn't know this until the very last paragraph. But since the we're having an event that features Berman, I'm focusing on that key piece of information first (and because this blog focuses primarily on design development of promotional marketing materials rather than complete synopsis of visiting authors lives and achievements). Nevertheless--first and foremost--Berman will be here, reading at the Library.

To help promote the event, a variety of marketing collaterals were created using images supplied by the author, including a 45x45 inch large format display poster to hang in the Library, an 8.5x14 inch half page vertical repurposing of an article written in the Library's quarterly newsletter THINK... which accompanies the poster, a television station public service announcement (PSA), an internet web banner, and 250 quarter-page handbills that can be picked up and kept by patrons visiting the Library.

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